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Fish the Esopus creek, Ashokan Reservoir, East Branch of the Delaware & the Pepacton Reservoir.
The Colonial Inn & Restaurant - Pine Hill, NY

The Colonial Inn is located at the headwaters of the Esopus creek, which flows into the Ashokan Reservoir and is a few miles from the East Branch of the Delaware headwaters that flow into the Pepacton Reservoir.

Both streams offer prime trout fishing. The Esopus has a springtime spawning run of native rainbow trout, which usually remain in the stream from opening day (April 1st) thru June. Smaller rainbows are taken during the entire trout season. Brown trout are also present throughout the entire stream with the spawning run taking place during the fall.

Colonial Inn owner Steve Witte took these Brown Trout on the last day of the 2003 Season.

The fast water stretches offer great fishing during the dog days of summer with slower deeper stretches holding more fish in the cold, deeper water.

The East branch of the Delaware and its tributaries is primarily a brown trout habitat with the best fishing from April thru July and a good run of brown trout during the fall if the water levels are up.

Summer is fly-fishing time with the best time being in the evening. There are also runs of large browns during the summer after a heavy rain that really brings the stream up. These fish generally hold until the water level drops, with some fish remaining under ledges or in the deeper pools.

The Ashokan and Pepacton Reservoirs offer excellent small mouth bass and trout fishing. Walleyes are also present in the Ashokan, while not as numerous as they once were; they are probably as big as anyplace in NY Sate.

A NYC Watershed Permit is required to fish in the reservoirs and it is issued at no charge when applied for. Rowboats without motors are only allowed on these reservoirs and they must be registered with the DEP as well (at no charge).

Newly instituted NY State regulations, (instituted following the 9-11-01 terrorist attacks), require an Public Access Permit and a Boat Registration Form, to be completed before fishermen can use the NY State Reservoir System, complete information and links to the applications are available at:


Much of the reservoirs are only lightly fished and some areas not fished at all. We will try to keep the weekly fishing conditions posted at this site.

Steve Witte, the Colonial Inn's owner has fished the Esopus since 1947.
Please feel free to call if you have any questions. (1.845.254.5577)

Main Street, Pine Hill, NY 12465 Phone: 845.254.5577 Fax: 845.254.4844

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